How it works

Selling Your Timeshare will take care of all your timeshare obligations such as maintenance & management fees, admin costs and other recurring membership charges.

You will get a full refund of the money you have invested … and we’ll also give you extra bonuses such as access to discounted holiday packages.

Last year, we helped thousands of unhappy timeshare owners reclaim their money and dispose of their timeshare obligations.

We can also give you a completely free consultation in your local area, so you won’t have to travel at all.

If you want to get rid of the excessive timeshare fees and maintenance costs, take our quick Timeshare Refund Test on the right and get things started.

Why You Should Use Our Service

  • We are 100% FREE.
  • We are the easiest way to get out of a timeshare
  • We helped timeshare owners reclaim £3.5m last year
  • We can give you access to the holidays you originally wanted at extremely discounted prices.
  • Talk to us and you could earn £50 cashback by tomorrow